June 19th, 2016

Foodie delight: Fish On

Sometimes you just don't have to reinvent the wheel - local, wild caught fish, for example! We have an abundant native source of high quality fish all around us and most of us haven't had the chance to really sample it on our own much less at the expert hands of a Chef. So, after hosting our Fish-Off at Klinks Resort outside of Cheney, Wa we're serving that fresh catch as the featured dinner at our June 19th, Fathers Day Farm to Table! Listen to Darin Hilderbrand of Just Plain Darin (www.facebook.com/justplaindarin/) sing and entertain with his amazing skills on the guitar while you sip on one three local brews and dine on five courses of fabulous. Come and taste what's in season now! .

The Experts:

LJ Klinknenberg: Ed.D

Head Chef: -Read More-

Jerry White

Spokane Riverkeeper: -Read More-

Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 4:30pm

Mont Lamm Events - 7501 Enoch Road, Clayton, WA 99110

After the Event:
In anticipation of our Fish On Farm to Table in June we decided to reach out to folks who wanted to have a more hands on approach and host a fishing photo contest at Klink’s Resort on Williams Lake the day before our Fish Off Farm to Table Dinner. Even though the weather was dismal – a steady drip of cold rain followed by chilling wind – we did garner some diehards, and met two retired ladies (you know who you are) at the resort, who brought their fishing expertise and their catch to offer the chef god LJ! Ok, he’s a great guy but I may have over stepped that time. Nonetheless, the fish was as beautiful to behold on the plate as it was in the water – I know because four of them were my own catch. Another completely unexpected treasure were the turnips from Ace of Spades. I normally don’t gush over turnips, I can’t remember the last time I read an ode to turnips, but you’d have had to have been there to have appreciated how absolutely delicious these turnips were in every way! Of course we expect the produce to be top notch, locally grown, organic treasures but these babies blew everyone away – to the tune of cheering when Alex (of Ace of Spades) stood up to share about his farm, practices, and vision. We also introduced our guests to the local River Keeper, Jerry White, who shared some great insight into the greater Spokane area’s watershed and what we can do to both enjoy it and protect it. The experience would not have been complete without the work of River City Brewings River Keeper IPA and the care and delicious dedication from Rick in Liberty Cider’s Cider – thank you for your contributions to the craft and to our evening. As the night drew to a close our team was busy looking at schedules to begin planning for our July event – Red, White, and the Blues. See you then and thank you for dining at our table!
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