Who We are and Why

Who We are and Why

Mont Lamm Events is Sean & Shannon Siemen along with our two children Emma and Zeke out on a 40 acre farm in beautiful Northeastern Spokane County, Wa. What began as a landscape design project inside Spokane proper to help us redesign our health and improve our surroundings has exploded into an all out effort to educate and encourage others to see food differently. We were all hard working, high energy, overweight people pumped up on caffeine and adrenaline. After meds starting getting recommended we realized we needed to rethink, regroup, and rediscover what makes life happen from the inside out. Without getting too far into the weeds of those early days, we ultimately rediscovered what Hippocrates knew all along, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." We were putting all kinds of life-less foods in and expecting life and health to come out! It's taken years of effort, education, and planning along with making our fair share of mistakes and falling back into old habits but what we know about food has remained. Good food is good life. Which brings us back to why we have Mont Lamm and host Farm to Table events. It shouldn't take seven years, hours of research, and radical ideals to put good, whole, life giving food on the table. It does take effort, it does take some perseverance, and it will cause you to change your taste pallet. But all that is definitely much cheaper with no side affects than simply medicating a bigger problem that can itself create more problems. We believe in the choice each of us has the power to make to choose for ourselves what goes in to ourselves. How we do that, and how we encourage others to do that, is with food. So, we invite each of you to join us in the journey of rediscovering food for what it is at one of our next Farm to Table events!
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